Where do we operate?

We operate in all areas of Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

How do you book our services?

Call our contact numbers or visit our Contact Tab for more information.

Do we offer same day service?

Yes we do depending on availability.

Can I get rid of pest myself?

We have extensive experience and training to tailor best possible treatment for pest problems. We use professional grade pest control equipment and products which are unavailable to the general public.


Are the products used safe for humans and pets?

The products we use are professional grade and are designed to treat pests tailored for. These products are non-hazardous by Australian standards however it is advised to vacate premise between 2-3 hours post treatment to allow spray to dry. Vacating premise is not required for other treatments such as possums or rodents. You can discuss this with your technician.

Can I prepare my house pre-treatment?

This all depends on the treatment you require. For all treatments, it is advised to remove all loose items off floor and clear treatment areas so that they are accessible.

Is my house susceptible to termites?

70% of Victorian Municipalities are designated termite zones. 1 in 3 homes will be affected by termites at some stage.

How often should I have a Termite Inspection?

Should occur annually according to Australian Standards:

  • AS 3660.1-2014 – New building work
  • AS 3660.2-2017 - Termite Management Part 2: In and around existing buildings and structures
  • AS 3660.3-2014 - Assessment criteria for termite management systems to maintain the warranty on the termite management carried out on your premises.

Is there a warranty for treatments?

This varies depending on different treatments for pests. Call our technicians for clarification.

How long does it take for treatments to take effect?

This again varies on the type of pest being treated. Call out technicians for clarification.

Is there a Rat or Possum in my roof?

To help differentiate between the two; If you are hearing loud noises and loud activity between dusk and dawn it is more than likely a possum. If you are hearing movement and scratching at any time of the day it is usually a rat. To establish which type of pest is present we recommend a thorough inspection to prevent further damage being caused to your premises.

Will the rats die in my house?

This is a difficult question to answer, from experience the likelihood is low.

What do I do if I find a wasp nest?

It is important not to disturb the nest as this will agitate the wasps. It is advised to leave it alone and call our trained technician to attend and eradicate the nest.

Can you treat my dogs flea problem?

No we can’t treat your dog’s flea problem, it is advised to take your dog to a vet to be treated. This along with treatment by us with eradicate your flea problem.